Conveyor Pulleys

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Equipped with the features and performance to meet the requirements of the world’s top miners, these Conveyor Pulleys from HMA Flow & Industrial provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to others. A Head Drum, also known as a Head Pulley or Drive Pulley, is driven by mechanical means to provide movement of the conveyor belt. A Tail Drum, also known as a Tail Pulley, is located at the opposite end of the conveyor belt to the head drum. This provides a direction of rotation for the conveyor belt and can also be used as a tension device in some conveyor designs.

Applications include various industrial sectors where conveyor belts are commonplace, especially in quarrying and mining. HMA Flow & Industrial can provide these pulleys according to client specifications, with a variety of surface finishes from plain steel to different forms of lagging, including rubber, ceramic, or FRAS.