Dense Medium Cyclones (GTD)

Australia Tel: +61 (0)2 4389 6191
Indonesia Tel: +62 21 2278 3377
New Zealand Tel: +64 (0)7 850 2610
South Africa Tel: +27 13 650 9800

Dense Medium Cyclones, the GTech cyclone features the scrolled evolute inlet geometry designed to deliver superior performance throughout its operating life. Combine this with the zoning of ceramics in high wear areas and offering maximum operating capacities, the GTech cyclones are designed to exceed industry expectations.

The advantages of the GTech Dense Medium Cyclone includes:

  • Superior Cyclone and Lining Design
  • High Separation Efficiency
  • Optimal Ceramic Selection
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Engineered Tiles and Monolithics
  • Ongoing Technical Support

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