ISN Bearings

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The new Dodge metric ISN bearing is a breakthrough for users who have experienced the difficulty of installing and removing conventional bearings. The ISN bearings can provide major savings in time and money because it is easy to put on and take off a shaft.

The ISN bearings features the patented IMPERIAL adapter mount system that dramatically reduces installation time. The user gets a complete, shaft-ready mounted bearing. Fifteen minutes is the new standard installation time, not up to two hours as with some other bearings.

With ISN, you turn the nut clockwise to tighten the adapter on the shaft. There is no need for feeler gages to set the clearance in the bearing. The clearance is set automatically. An easy-to-attach lock plate holds the adapter nut in place.

The ISN features a built-in bearing puller. Remove the lock plate. Then, turn the nut counter clockwise, and it pushes the bearing off the adapter sleeve. Removing this bearing from the shaft is that simple. It is intuitive, and it works.

The ISN bearings develops six times the calculated dismounting force required to remove the bearing from the shaft. Removal is no longer an all-day affair, and shaft marring is no longer a consequence.

While it’s running, the ISN has an outstanding sealing system that provides 100% contact at 100% constant pressure, 100% of the time. It is the only ground-tapered seal journal in the industry. The low drag nitrile lip and metal shield experience no mechanical stress, regardless of misalignment.

The standard TRIDEN seal of the ISN is a formidable sealing system, but there are some instances where even the best isn’t good enough. For example, in applications subjected to constant high pressure washing or on tail-shafts ‘buried’ under product.

In these circumstances the addition of end covers can significantly enhance the life expectancy of the bearings and thus decreasing the maintenance requirements, which will reduce downtime and therefore increase production.

The Dodge ISN end covers are available in four different styles to suit all applications; closed front cover, open front cover, open back cover and closed back cover. They are designed as a press fit into the standard DODGE ISN housing without any modification.

In addition, because the bearing is factory lubricated, users won’t have to do any of the grease packing, or error-prone assembly that is necessary with some other bearings.

The Imperial SN Bearing is dimensionally interchangeable with the SN 500 standard (DIN 736/ISO 113-11). It is available in 30 mm to 140mm bore sizes (507 to 532)

Dodge ISN High Capacity Spherical Roller Mounted Bearings

The ISN high capacity spherical roller mounted bearings are simple to install with the patented IMPERIAL adaptor making fit and removal possible in 15 minutes. These roller bearings have 360 degree concentric mounting which delivers superior fit, reduces vibration and eliminates shaft fretting and corrosion damage.

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