Polyurethane Liners

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Polyurethane sheets & liners are made of high quality cast polyurethanes, which provides excellent wear and impact resistance in raw material handling applications. Our liners are often used as a replacement for steel liners.

Our sheets & liners are fitted with a unique fibre-reinforced backing plate, which provides stiffness. Liner stiffness is essential to prevent bulging from happening. The fibre reinforced backing plate is easier to cut than traditional steel backings, making it more cost effective as the liners can be cut to size in our factory or on site.

Sheets over 16mm thick, have wear indicators (1/3 yellow) built into the liners, enabling end users to gauge the thickness of the liners from the top, thus improving preventative maintenance.

Liners are safe and easy to transport, handle and install. There’s an enormous reduction in noise levels, as polyurethane absorbs sound rather than reverberating. Polyurethane also has excellent memory or rebound, enabling it to recover under pressure.


  • Feeders & Screens
  • Mills & Scrubbers
  • Chutes & Bunkers
  • Underground hoppers
  • Rolling stock hoppers
  • Truck linings
  • Launders
  • Mine skips
  • Reclaim liners
  • Mine load boxes
  • Cyclones
  • Dead box liners
  • Drop in liners
  • Belt skirting
  • Impact Panels
  • Impact Bars


Uretech manufactures sheets with a standard size of 2400 mm x 1200 mm. These sheets can be cut into customised shapes and sizes to fit any application. Uretech can manufacture liners in any thickness, 12mm _ 40 mm being the most popular. Sheet thickness selection is usually determined by the life expectancy in a specific application.


When installing liners, Uretech uses one of the following adhesion methods: Bolts and nuts, Studs and nuts, Nail gun or Uretech liner glue

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