Polyurethane Pipe

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Polyurethane is an excellent wear resistant lining and can quite easily be installed inside slurry pipelines. We make use of different methods to line our pipes, depending on the shape, size and length of the pipes. Straight pipes as lined by means of a spinning process, while bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces and other complex shapes are lined by means of a moulding process.

Polyurethane lined pipes are seamless on the inside and are chemically bonded to the steel, which dramatically improves the bonding between the steel and polyurethane. Our manufacturing process enables us to cast a continues lining over the flange, which in turns acts as a gasket between installed pipes.


  • Length 0,2m to 6m
  • Diameter 0,1 to 0,6m
  • Lining thickness 6mm to 30mm (diameter dependent)
  • Pressure rating Determined by the pipe casing and flange
  • Maximum constant temperature 60C
  • Maximum temperature (spikes) 80C

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