Waffer Butterfly Valves

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ISO square drives are available for sizes 50 mm to 300 mm, and positive keyed drive for sizes 350 mm and above. Four self-lubricating bronze bushes provide maximum stem support with minimum friction, which eliminates potential stem seizure. Pressure surge seals (O-rings) are moulded inside the seat-stem hole area to provide failsafe sealing around the stem, eliminating possible leakage. The phenolic resin backed seat provides support for the seat, which is non-collapsible, stretch-resistant, blow-out proof, and suitable for vacuum. The precision profile disc provides bubble-tight shutoff with minimal disc/seat interference, assuring minimum torque and longer seat life. These waffer butterfly valves are in accordance with ANSI 125, DN16, AS 2129 Table ‘D’ and ‘E’. The actuator mounting flange conforms to ISO 5211, and accommodates all types of operators, from lever, to gear, electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. The O-ring weather seal prevents ingress of moisture and external material into the stem area, while the one-piece thru-stem design ensures dependability and positive disc control. Internal square drive and precision taper pins ensure positive, vibration-proof, stem-to-disc connection. Polished disc flats mate with the seat flats to give a highly-efficient seal, thereby preventing leakage into the stem area. The supported stem seal protects against distortion, a common cause of stem leakage. These waffer butterfly valves are fusion-bonded epoxy-coated.

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